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I am not Trayvon Martin and probably neither are you.

The sympathy (not empathy) and outrage (not action) of many persons of my class and race in response to the killing of Trayvon Martin and acquittal of George Zimmerman is somewhat irksome to me. And it provides me with an … Continue reading

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A Christ-like Nation Rather Than a Christian One (1)

The founders of our nation varied in doctrine but they shared passionately in the religiopolitical commitment that the new nation should be a land of religious tolerance.  From Washington’s condemnation of “Pope Night” (albeit for practical purposes2) in 1775 to … Continue reading

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EEL 7 Christian Education: The Springboard of the Dive of Faith (or a millstone about the neck)

I want to begin with where I began as a Christian learner and then move to where I am now and then end with a proposal for this fall. Margret Mitchell, Dean of the University of Chicago Divinity School in … Continue reading

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In Response to the Aurora, CO shootings

This past week the news and many our conversations and prayers have been concerned with what can only be described as a massacre occurring in Aurora, Colorado. As rational beings whose anxiety is reduced when threats are understood, as religious … Continue reading

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EEL 6 Preaching as Public Love

First some personal notes. It’s probably obvious to anyone who has seen me preach that I (usually) enjoy the task. I have almost always enjoyed being in front of people. My social niche as an identity-forming adolescent was class clown. … Continue reading

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EEL5 Pastor as Prophet (or not)

EEL5 Pastor as Prophet (or not)1 For as long as I can remember I have refrained from preaching on political and/or social issues. Oh, I’ve certainly preached on the wide inclusiveness of Christ’s invitation to Christian community and have written … Continue reading

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EEL 4 The Cost that Pays (and keeps me here)

One of the aspects of this call is that it asks so much of those who practice it. To some degree the difficulty of what is asked is dependent upon the personality of the pastor. As I wrote earlier, there … Continue reading

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